Year End Function 2018

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On Wednesday 12 December we set off to breathtakingly beautiful Helderberg Farm to celebrate our successes and achievements of 2018. We were greeted by WildX Adventures who had Segways and Quad Bikes ready to rock n roll. Our group split up into teams: The "I've got this" and the "Let's go slowly's". Some donned knee and elbow pads and others opted to take the "I feel no pain" approach.

It didn't take too long for the first fall and an unpiloted segway to go crashing into the bushes. The gravel and rocks, the ditches and mounds all make for some very challenging terrain! After a few crashes and yelps, we got the hang of it and soon there were calls for "super" mode to be activated for racing.

Meanwhile, back at base camp, Boland Spit Braai had begun slow cooking our spit (and INCREDIBLE cannelloni for the vegetarian) which they accompanied with delicious salads and followed with sweet-tooth satisfying desserts.

Those who opted out of the off-road adventures relaxed with a glass of wine and enjoyed out of this world massages, Human Movement Unlimited, a wonderful way to destress from the fast pace of this year.

And if Segway was not enough, next came the Quad bikes! So much fun riding under tree canopies, along river banks and past fields thick with the smell of ripe summer strawberries. The magnificent view from up high was reward in itself, a balm especially to our two team members who took 4 x 4 a little further than the rest of us and ended up with some minor scratches and bruises.

All in all it was a day of much fun, excitement, relaxation and enjoyment.


Author: David Bowman

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